Philosophy is the study of human beings; respective to our
creation, evolution, development. Characterized in the 1st &
2nd Universal Dimension. The 3 dimension is our individual
mental physical perspective, perception, decision, relations
with people. It includes being aware of historic advantages &
disadvantages, to live young & prosper from improving lives.
These are the principles that value every modern civilization:

Behavior Science, Management, Adminstration & Mechanical 
Science. Political science is the respective human relations of
people and Government. Acknowledgement facilitate secuirty.

Security; The Enforcement Of Regulations (International data
and statistics (Behavior Relations, Average Life Span. Graded
By The Ability To Stop and Prevent Mental Physical Disease;
Accidents, Crime, War. 

Behavior Relations; Life Style Generation Human Behavior...
Chronological Education; Rich Poor, Male Female, Old Young,
Nationalism, Culture, Language, Complexion, Religion Science,
Married Single, Hereto-sexual Homosexual, Naturopathic with
Allopathic Medical, including Genetics, Biocyte, Regenerative
and Every Proven Medical Procedure. 

Environmental Protection: Clean, Recycled, Replenished Land
Sea Air, Stop Prevent Industrial Pollution. Safe Transportation,
To The Robotic Retrieval Of  In-Operative Space Satellites. 

Perpetual economic Growth; 17% National Sales Tax relevant
appraisal; 2008 Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter Quote:
17% China Import Export Tax Revenue. Tax Unprepared foods.
3 Dimension Individual Perspective: The Earning Potential &
Tax Advantages Of Home Business To Office, Clinic Propiertor.

Preliminary Data: January 22nd 2018. Revision.